Latest Stories

  • Why the standards for FAPE are about to expand

    The standards for free appropriate public education will probably become more demanding due to a case pending before the United States Supreme Court. As a result schools will need to take immediate action to be sure individual education plans are comprehensive and defensible.

  • Scope of CEIS expanding in disproportionality regs

    Prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to behavior, which is why the Department of Education is expanding the scope of coordinated early intervening services in new regulations proposed for disproportionality.

  • Reducing discipline disparities – it starts with a new mindset

    “Pivot” has become an overused word but there is no better verb to describe what schools must do to reduce racial disparities in school discipline. Reactive punishment must switch to proactive prevention and intervention. And that, my friends, will mean changing perspectives and habitual practices that are decades, if not centuries, old.

  • Why worry about disparity in LREs?

    As part of the notice of proposed rulemaking for ethnic disproportionality, the U.S. Department of Education explains why reducing disparity in restrictive placements should be mandated – it’s all about maximizing access to the curriculum. With the numerous Individualized Education Plan meetings that will be taking place in the spring, and the new requirements to report as well as correct disproportionality on the horizon, it is important that your IEP teams be especially cautious about moving services if the instruction is to be delivered in any setting with reduced involvement in general education.

  • New ethnic disparity regs will apply to LRE standards

    Measures for ethnic disproportionality will be applied across least restrictive environment categories if the new rules suggested by the U.S. Department of Education take effect as proposed.