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  • Delaying disproportionality rule makes no sense

    The ESEA Insider is generally a guidance column, but we will stretch the boundaries of our mission today and take up the Trump administration’s proposal to delay by two years the compliance date for meeting disproportionality standards.

  • Con Apps deadline fast approaching

    This month, most states require school districts to have submitted their Consolidated State Performance Reports, an annual update explaining how federal education funds are being used.

  • Opioid abuse has impact on special ed

    As the nation continues to struggle with the opioid epidemic, it might be a good time to remind school officials that federal law in some cases considers drug addiction a disability.

  • Title I carryover provision: expend funds now

    One of the principles of federal education funding that survived the 2016 rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Schools Education Act is the carryover provision.

  • Best practices: annual schedule to ensure FAPE services

    The Individuals with Disabilities Act mandates that students identified with a disability are to be placed and served appropriately at the beginning of school. It is important that someone within the administration of the special education program take serious this responsibility and organize protocol to ensure schools are addressing this requirement.