Budget deal doesn’t add much for K-12 schools

Budget deal doesn’t add much for K-12 schools

(Calif.) An agreement on next year’s spending plan includes an additional $407 million for the Local Control Funding Formula but nothing to equalize support for special education.

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders will provide $500 million for homeless programs and $90 million to increase welfare grants. But Brown held fast on his commitment to put much of the surplus generated from Wall Street profit-taking into reserve.

“After detailed discussions, California is on the verge of having another on-time, balanced budget,” Brown said in a statement. “From a $27 billion deficit in 2011, the state now enjoys a healthy surplus and a solid Rainy Day Fund.”

The agreement, reached Friday, would maximize the state’s Rainy Day fund at about $14 billion and includes an additional $2.2 billion in state reserves.

Schools with large populations of at-risk students will likely see a share of a new $300 million grant to better serve the state’s lowest performing students. There is also $200,000 set aside to help districts better inform parents and community stakeholders of the goals spelled out in the Local Control Accountability Plans.

Brown also won support for his twin $50 million programs to improve the teacher shortage-one aimed at special education.

There is $100 million in one-time money for full-day kindergarten facilities.

The Assembly and Senate face a June 15 deadline to approve the deal.

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