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  • LAO sees a near $3b bump in Prop 98 funding next year

    (Calif.) Under favorable economic conditions, schools could expect to see the minimum funding guarantee grow to nearly $90 billion by the 2022-23 fiscal year–a jump of $10 billion above this year’s appropriation, according to a forecast from the non-partisan Legislative Analyst.

  • October revenues stall following months of gains

    (Calif.) After months of surprisingly high collections, October revenues came in just under $6.6 billion–nearly 6 percent, or $412 million, short of projections, according to the state controller’s office.

  • LEAs look for relief from debt limits

    (Calif.) As voters consider approving some $15 billion in local school bonds in today’s election, four local educational agencies are looking for state permission to increase how much they can borrow.

  • School budget plan looks to expand equity among schools

    (Wash.) Increased funding for students with disabilities, more nurses and middle school counselors, and expanded dual credit course offerings are among the priorities highlighted in the newly proposed Washington State education budget.

  • September revenues bring surprise upswing

    (Calif.) With the first quarter of the fiscal year in the books, revenue collections for the state have exceeded expectations by slightly more than $1 billion, producing an overall total of $27.5 billion.