Audits & Monitoring

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  • Good news – believe it or not – about audit findings!

    Not many look forward to resolving audit findings but thanks to federal regulations you’ll have a little help from both your auditor and colleagues at the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Potential areas for audit findings for federal programs

    For so-called “major programs,” there are certain items that an auditor must report. Careful fiscal controls and consistent monitoring in these areas will almost certainly prevent the likelihood of findings of non-compliance.

  • How audit findings are found for major programs

    Almost all of you can count on an audit this spring and for some it will be shortly after the first of the year. Previous Insiders (Nov. 5, 12, 19, & Dec. 3) discussed what to expect in a review and how best to prepare for one. Now we will turn our attention to possible results.

  • Audits: What you can count on

    When administering programs with Elementary and Secondary Education Act funds you can expect annual monitoring from your local reviewers as well as tests for conformity to cost controls by federal agencies considered accountable.

  • Auditing & reporting: Caring now will save you grief later

    The best preparation for an audit is accounting consistency and routine documentation – it’s like keeping your sock drawer in order. Formal reports are a season away but protocols need be established and maintained today.