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    • Social-emotional training decreases pre-K suspensions

      (Tenn.) Disciplinary polices have come under fire across the country with the revelation that  thousands of preschool students are suspended or expelled each year–an issue that can be improved  with professional development in social-emotional learning, according to new study.

    • Kids and experts blend health and tech in new CTE program

      (Calif.) Between the sudden shortness of breath, racing heart and shaking hands can be a moment of clarity where one can pick up the phone and, in just a few taps, find breathing exercises and simple steps to help push through a panic attack.

    • Obama closing out with large funding awards to LEAs

      (District of Columbia) With the Obama administration’s time in office quickly coming to a close, the U.S. Department of Education released more than $370 million in grants last week to support a wide variety of services including teacher training, charter schools and literacy programs.